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Capital Markets Exist to Fund Growth

And all market participants are in search of it:

The problem with Capital Markets today

With many large players and multiple fragmented offerings all adding to the cost of participation, financial and capital markets remain layered, complex to navigate, and expensive to join:

Protected by the status quo, markets are changing only in ways deemed safe and sustainable for those already benefitting from them. 

In the wake of several financial crises over the past few decades, and with rising concern that existing institutions and key players remain ill-equipped and resistant to predicting, managing, and preventing them, many market outsiders are turning to decentralised solutions as an alternative to the legacy economic and monetary policy model.

However, with market insiders and institutional gatekeepers clinging to the status quo, financial and capital markets are resistant to risky wholesale disruption by revolutionary (and naïve) decentralised movements.

It is clear from this positional inertia, that change is not going to come from within.

Why has nobody solved this problem before?

Not many people are aware of the extent of the problem or even that there’s a problem to solve in the first place. Those who do understand the sheer scale of the current market inefficiencies are generally profiting off its traditional mechanisms and have no incentive to move beyond the status quo.

For those not yet actively participating, financial and capital markets are perceived as intimidating and potentially risky environments to participate in. These “outsiders” remain hesitant to get involved and, in many cases, are actively put off, causing markets to remain closed and stagnant.

Asymmetry of information

Financial and capital markets have historically been about who you know, and who you trust, resulting in information that is shared only with a select few participants. This information asymmetry has restricted participation in the market and driven systemic inefficiencies.

Undiscovered yield​

With limitations on access to the full spectrum of investable asset classes, investors remain restricted in their portfolio construction and therefore, in their potential return opportunities.

Mesh is being built to eliminate the inefficiencies and waste in the current capital market systems

Mesh is unique in the market today as it delivers an optimised ecosystem to all market participants: from traditional market insiders like Investment Banks and Institutional Investors, to the more informal OTC market, which has historically been excluded from direct access to the primary sources of capital.

Mesh compresses, streamlines and optimises the services currently provided by a number of traditional market gatekeepers.

To date, innovation in this sector has occurred within compartmentalised market verticals such as individual Banks, exchange software providers, CSDs and other industry silos. 


Mesh is introducing horizontal, cross-ecosystem innovation, intending to disrupt financial and capital markets, end-to-end.

Mesh began its journey in 2019 with a small team investigating the inefficiencies within the Debt Capital Markets, a sector with a core operating model that is still predominantly manual and one which hasn’t experienced any meaningful technology innovation for decades.

The Mesh team has extensive expertise and in-depth knowledge of the platforms, infrastructure, instruments and operations that underpin financial and capital markets, and set their focus on building a platform solution to solve for the major inefficiencies, inequalities and waste in the current system.

Mesh has used its deep insider knowledge and capital markets experience to reimagine and build from first principles, an end-to-end capital markets ecosystem. 

With its experience, its understanding of the markets and the technical competence of the team, Mesh has developed a solution that is responsibly secure but truly revolutionary.

By integrating the mature, tried-and-tested and trusted foundation of an enterprise-grade Trade and Treasury Calculation Engine with next generation developments in the Decentralised Finance and Blockchain world, Mesh has been able to flatten historical barriers to entry and provide direct access and enabling infrastructure for all market participants.

What is Mesh?​

Mesh is best categorised as a next generation DeFi 2.0 solution, with a specific focus on global financial and capital markets.

Mesh uses the latest iterations of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), commonly referred to as Blockchain 3.0, with an initial implementation on Stellar, an open-source partner of Mesh. Mesh is fully blockchain agnostic and can execute its solution on any advanced Blockchain.

In addition, and as a unique differentiator in this space, Mesh has overlaid its Mesh Oracle on top of the Stellar Blockchain.

The Mesh Oracle is a complete cross-asset capital markets Trade and Treasury system with Front, Middle and Back-office functionality, and an enterprise-grade calculation engine, giving Mesh users complete asset coverage (including derivatives), and full control over pricing, risk, corporate actions, and all lifecycle events for any asset issued on Mesh.

Mesh is creating a digital ecosystem where its users can tokenise and trade any asset class, across any geography. 

It uses modern, end-to-end market infrastructure, with trusted Cryptographic verification for all steps in the process and is building a platform business that is years ahead of any player in the global financial and capital markets.

Mesh is unique because

Mesh’s solution, utilising smart contracts and the power of treasury and trade systems, uniquely solves for market participants’ current problems by allowing issuers to create, market, sell and manage any financial asset in digital token form.

Mesh is creating a unique proposition for global financial and capital markets, one built using a mix of mature, trusted, institution-grade technology, with truly disruptive, cutting-edge, DeFi 2.0 and Blockchain 3.0 technology.

A unique combination, designed to forge a responsible revolution.

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